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For further information on Primary Care Partnerships (PCP) – Vic Gov information

There are 28 Primary Care Partnerships across Victoria that are funded by the Victorian Department of Health as part of its Primary Care Partnership strategy.  Since they were introduced by the Victorian Government in 2000, PCPs have become a vital component of the Victorian healthcare system.  PCPs facilitate partnerships with a wide range of health and social service providers and community groups; and they support collaboration and service integration.

Primary Care Partnerships achieve improved health and well-being outcomes for the community by:

  1. Building capacity of local services in evidence based population health planning, evaluation and program implementation
  2. Facilitating workforce development and system reforms
  3. Strengthening partnership, communication and collaboration
  4. Integrating health promotion initiatives
  5. Improving and integrating chronic illness care
  6. Supporting the Co-ordination of services to improve the clients journey

Victorian Primary Care Partnerships key messages document.

The Future Directions Framework outlines key priority areas, clearly defines PCP role and function, is underpinned by key principles, our focus is on the Key Pillars in Health 2040 and our outcomes align with the Department of Health and Human Services Outcomes Framework.

The Vic PCPs Future Directions 2018-2020 sets out a high level plan with clear direction for state-wide PCP initiatives over the next 2 years, supporting the platform to collectively respond and align with current and emerging government policy and reforms.

The achievements of Victorian Primary Care Partnerships in 2019 and 2020 are displayed in these infographics:

VicPCP Achievements 2020

VicPCP Achievements 2019

Vic PCPs Contributing to better health and wellbeing outcomes for our communities showcases some exceptional examples of case studies of PCP work across Victoria. The case studies have been presented in line with the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2016-19 to demonstrate how PCP work aligns with and supports the achievement of key government priorities.

The Vic PCP infographics provides an overview of the value add and return on investment of the PCP platform.


Information for primary health care workers

For information and resources for working with clients who’ve experienced family violence, visit the 1800RESPECT website.



Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence resources – 4th Edition provides a framework and resources for hospitals and health services to implement a system-wide approach to identify indicators of family violence, have conversations and provide support. (Royal Women’s Hospital and Bendigo Health)

Strengthening and Sustaining the Family Care Response to Family Violence: A new model describes a whole-of-practice approach to improve the quality of care provided by GP practices to victims (including children) and perpetrators of family violence. (Safer Families Centre of Research Excellence, University of Melbourne)

Aligning Practice: A guide to family violence counselling (2020)
This guide provides family violence counsellors with clarity and direction to ensure a consistent, evidence-based approach. (NIFVS)