Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

For more information and resources about working with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island communities, in the context of family violence, visit the Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service or the 1800RESPECT websites.

Practice resources

— Breaking The Cycle of Trauma, Koori parenting: What works for us

This Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Resource conveys key messages and practical strategies to help Koori parents break inter-generational cycles of trauma within their families. Poster and postcard versions of the resource are also available.

— A Quick Guide to Child Protection for Koori Families

A guide developed by the Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service.

— Good practice principles: A rights-based framework for engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

A framework developed by the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) and 1800RESPECT.

— Safe For Our Kids

A SNAICC guide to family violence response and prevention for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families.

— Koolin Balit ‘Building The Blocks Of Cultural Competency’ Toolkit

This Koolin Balit Consortium toolkit aims to support health and human service agencies across Melbourne’s north west to provide high quality, culturally responsive, respectful services to the Aboriginal community.

— iTalk

Multimedia resources for clients whose first language is a language is a language other than English.

Other resources

— Koori Family Violence Police Protocols: what you can expect

Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service Victoria guide for Koori families.

— Maggolee

A website showcasing good practice in the way local government engages with Aboriginal communities.