Referrals, Intake and Secondary Consult Resources

Bayside Peninsula Referral Pathways


Other Resources

-Safe Steps: Live Chat Service
Chats are anonymous and available to anyone experiencing or afraid of family violence regardless of age, gender, sexuality or gender identity.

Women’s Health Victoria
For Women looking for contraception, pregnancy options, abortion and sexual health services.

-Safety Plan Booklet
Published by Women’s Health West, the safety plan booklet contains ideas and information that others have found useful when they have left a violent relationship.



If children are directly at significant risk please call 000 immediately.

Referring to Child Protection

If there are children at risk, please contact the Bayside Peninsula Child Protection Services:

Bayside Peninsula РFamily Violence Support Services   1300 655 795

Referring to Orange Door

If there are concerns for a child’s wellbeing, please contact the Bayside Peninsula Orange Door Services:
Bayside Peninsula – Orange Door 1800 319 353