Resources – MARAM


MARAM Alignment and COVID-19: Guidance on the MARAM alignment activities that should be prioritised during this period. (Family Safety Victoria)

MARAM Practice Notes: Advice to support professionals responding to increased family violence risk during the COVID-19 period in relation to: Minimum Response for Victim Survivors, Perpetrator-focused and Adolescent Family Violence. (Family Safety Victoria)


MARAM for an Organisation

MARAM Embedding Guides: Guides to support organisational leaders in the process of aligning to MARAM. (Family Safety Victoria)

Workforce Tiers


Review implementation activities. An implementation review is a way to check that the implementation activities are being successfully embedded into your organisation.


MARAM for Workers

Foundation knowledge guide.  For professionals working with child or adult victim survivors, and adults using family violence.

MARAM victim survivor practice guides.  These practice guides support professionals to understand their responsibilities under the MARAM Framework towards the identification, assessment and ongoing management of family violence.

Guidance for professionals working with adults using family violence. These practice guides provide guidence for professionals working with child or adult victim survivors, and adults using family violence


Further Support for Organisations and Workers

FAQs about Information Sharing and MARAM

Contact the Information Sharing and MARAM Enquiry Line for practice and policy guidance.
Ph: 1800 549 646 (10am-2pm, Mon-Fri) or E: [email protected].


Phase 2 Specific Resources

  • General Practitioners: including an infographic demonstrating how to share information to support patient’s health and wellbeing, and a list of FAQ’s tailored to GP’s and practice nurses. Visit the Royal Australian Council of General practitioners website for further information.
  • Victorian School Focused Youth Services: The Information Sharing and Family Violence Reforms Toolkit and Contextualised Guidance training resources are now available on the PROTECT site. These resources provide practical guidance, tools and templates for implementation planning and information sharing activities across centres, schools and organisations. ISEs can contact [email protected] for more guidance and support, including to request a targeted training session or for support with implementation activities.