Training – MARAM

MARAM Training

View the MARAM training map and the MARAM Training Decision Tree to work out which MARAM training to attend.

Preliminary Training: For practitioners new to family violence work

Family Violence Foundations is a 6–8-hour self-paced course, which provides a common starting point for professionals seeking to develop necessary skills to undertake a family violence response role. (DVRCV)

MARAM Risk Identification and Screening Training

For professionals who may be identifying family violence: MARAM – Identification and Screening – Virtual (DVRCV)

MARAM Brief and Intermediate Training

Available for AOD, homelessness and designated mental health workforces. It is aimed at professionals whose purpose of intervention is linked to family violence but not directly focused. (Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare)

MARAM – Brief and Intermediate – Virtual (DVRCV)

MARAM Comprehensive Family Violence Risk Assessment and Management

MARAM Comprehensive Family Violence Specialist -Renewing Practice from CRAF to MARAM (one-day training) is for family violence specialists who have extensive experience, and who have previously completed specialist CRAF training. (DVRCV)

MARAM Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Management Module (two-day training) is for family violence specialists who are new or who have not previously completed specialist CRAF training. (DVRCV)

MARAM Leading Alignment

MARAM Leading Alignment training is suitable for organisational managers and leaders who have a role in supporting organisational alignment to MARAM, including alignment of practice, policies and procedures. (DVRCV)

MARAM Collaborative Practice

MARAM Collaborative Practice training is suitable for all professionals and focuses on collaborative practice and the foundational aspects of MARAM. It will enable practitioners to contribute to risk assessment and collaborate for ongoing risk assessment and management. (NIFVS)

Information Sharing Training

View the Information Sharing e-learning Modules Overview to work out which training to attend.

Online training in the information sharing schemes is now available for practitioners and organisational leaders.


MARAM Training during COVID

MARAM and Family Violence Training Options During COVID-19: Information about where workers can access MARAM and Family Violence training. (Family Safety Victoria)