Financial Support

A number of financial support, or brokerage options are available for those experiencing family violence.


Family Violence Flexible Support Packages

Family Violence Flexible Support Packages (FSP) are available in the Bayside Peninsula region.  Refer to the SouthSafe FSP page.


Other Brokerage

-Safe at Home

The Safe at Home Program provides support for women and children experiencing family violence to stay in their housing, when it is safe to do so. Limited brokerage can be used to increase the security of properties.  Safe at Home programs are available through the Salvation Army

Victims Assistance Program

The Victims Assistance Program provides brokerage for victims of crime, including victims of family violence. Brokerage is generally used for clients of the service, with a focus on recovery from the crime, but the service will consider partnering with other organisations in relation to brokerage costs.

-Disability Family Violence Crisis Response Initiative

Safe Steps facilitate the Disability Family Violence Crisis Response Initiative. This initiative supports victim survivors of family violence living with a disability, or who have disability needs, including temporary conditions and conditions due to family violence. Carers and parents of a child with a disability can also access support.

Professionals can contact Safe Steps Specialist Family Violence Disability Liaison Officers via [email protected] to access brokerage assistance for their clients, as well as secondary consultations and information regarding the initiative.


Other Financial Assistance

-Centrelink Crisis Payment

Centrelink’s Crisis Payment is for victims of family violence, and is a one-off payment equal to a week’s payment at a person’s existing income support payment rate. The Crisis Payment does not include extra allowances or supplements.


Housing Establishment Fund and Private Rental Brokerage

-Housing Establishment Fund (HEF)
The Housing Establishment Fund assists individuals to access and /or to maintain private rental housing, or to access emergency short-term (usually overnight) accommodation for people in crisis who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

-Private Rental Brokerage: Private Rental Brokerage is a grant program to assist households to establish or re-establish in the private rental market.

Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT)

VOCAT provides financial assistance to victims of violent crime committed in Victoria. VOCAT assists victims to recover by providing financial assistance for expenses incurred, or reasonably likely to be incurred, as a direct result of the crime.

For more urgent needs, an application for interim financial assistance (generally medical, counselling or funeral expenses) can be made prior to the final determination of an application for financial assistance.

-Family Violence Scheme – Fines Victoria

The Family Violence Scheme supports people affected by family violence.The scheme allows people to apply to have their infringement fines withdrawn if family violence substantially contributed to the offence or it is not safe for them to name the responsible person.  Find further information about the Family Violence Scheme. Ph: 1300 019 983.


Material aid

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