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You may have noticed some our re-branding with our new logo and organisation colour scheme.  Since it’s inception six years ago, SouthSafe is keen to stay relevant in the family violence and family services sectors, and particularly in the Bayside Peninsula region.  Re-branding is a key component to ensuring our communications and public facing media such as our website reflect the professionalism of our partners and networks.


Current Projects

Intersectionality Capability (ICB) Project

Family Safety Victoria (FSV) implements key recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence, such as the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework, otherwise known as MARAM.  As part of their ongoing focus on specific areas of MARAM, FSV has drafted the “Embedding Inclusion and Equity: An intersectionality framework in practice” handbook (Intersectionality Handbook), within which there is information on intersectionality, and Tip Sheets and Tools for embedding intersectionality into practice (ICB tools).

This handbook has not yet been publicly released, however FSV have engaged SouthSafe to use the handbook to create training programs for executive managment and for team leaders on how to embed intersectionality into their MARAM framework.

SouthSafe are currently in the planning phase of the project, and an implementation plan and timeline will be available soon.


SouthSafe Website Redevelopment

The SouthSafe team are working with MALT to redevelop this website, including incorporating the rebranding of the SouthSafe logo and colour scheme.