SouthSafe Website Redevelopment Project

The New Website – A message of collaboration

The BPIFVP and the BPCFA aim to create greater collaboration and integrated service provision between family violence and child and family services and service provision in the Bayside Peninsula.  A key component of this collaboration is the use of a website as a central point for organisations, practitioners, and professionals to access relevant resources, funding information, and information regarding training and events, but also to share these will colleagues throughout the region.


Business Drivers for Change

The current SouthSafe website is out of date, specifically its design and content.  The Partnership and Alliance members are unanimous in their support of a new website.  Without improvements to the website, Partnership and Alliance members are less likely to engage with the website, with potential increased frustration at not being able to access current and relevant information & resources on family violence or child and family services in the Bayside Peninsula region.


Project Objectives

  1. To create a new, updated SouthSafe website
  2. To further strengthen the collaboration between the Partnership and the Alliance


Project Success Factors

The Project is considered to have been implemented successfully when a new website is launched in alignment with business operating schedules of the Partnership and Alliance, and when the new website meets the requirements of the project’s approved Business Requirements Document.