Personal Safety Initiative

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What is PSI?

The Personal Safety Initiative (PSI) is a Family Safety Victoria initiative aimed at strengthening the appropriateness, suitability and quality of personal safety, security and technology responses delivered in Victoria and to ensure they are used consistently and effectively as part of a broader plan for the safety, stability and wellbeing of victim survivors.

What is the purpose of PSI?

  • Utilise safety and security responses, including property modifications and technology, to:
    • Enable victim survivors of family violence to remain safely in, or return safely to, their own homes and communities, or relocate to a new home.
    • Increase safety and feelings of safety for victim survivors.
  • Deter breaches of Family Violence Intervention Orders (FVIOs).
  • Facilitate the collection of admissible evidence where breaches occur to hold perpetrators accountable for their use of violence.

How is PSI Funded?

PSI responses are funded through family violence Flexible Support Packages (FSP). A consult with the PSI coordinator must occur if FSP funding is being sought for any home security measures (other than immediate measures to secure the home, such as lock changes and repairs to broken windows/doors).

What can be expected from a PSI Response, eligibility and more…

PSI Consultation & Referral Process….

If you are Case Manager supporting a victim survivor of family violence who is requiring safety and security upgrades (non-crisis – see Quick Guide) please call and consult with…

Pam Parker

Personal Safety Initiative Coordinator Bayside Peninsula

Phone: 5970 5700

Mobile: 0419 572 272

Email: [email protected]

Consultation with the PSI Coordinator is required to determine eligibility, process and discuss PSI compliant contractors. 

Any FSP Application requiring safety and security upgrades WILL NOT be considered without having consulted with the PSI Coordinator.

Referrals must include…