Family Law Court

All Duty Lists are being conducted by Microsoft Teams or by telephone. Hearing times may be staggered to alleviate congestion.

Directions Hearings and Trials – any matter that is currently listed will proceed electronically where possible. Where a case has to be vacated or requires a face-to-face hearing, it will be placed in anational pool and be listed as soon as the operations of the Courts allow.

Child Dispute Services interviews with adults are now being conducted by telephoneor video. For assessments that have a child inclusive element, Family Consultants will consider whether this can also be done remotely. Where a remote interview is not possible or appropriate, and the assessment of children is considered to be critical and urgent, an in-person child interview and observation will still be conducted if the family is in a position to attend the Registry in accordance with the updated In-Person Interview Protocol.

The Courts will be ordering any appropriate case that may have to be vacated or is being prepared for trial to electronic mediation.