Broader system updates

Apr 29, 2020

Court network

Court network has set up a remote duty service to support Court Users throughout all the courts where they usually have Court Network volunteers. They are also ringing all of the referrals they have to let them know that they can talk to them before & after their court matters are heard, if their matter has been adjourned or who and where to call to find out if they required at court.

Their duty service phone number to pass onto court users to speak to Court Network over the phone is 0417 607 004.

COVID-19 and Family Violence

Jun 4, 2020

Covid-19-specific MARAM Practice

Covid-19-specific MARAM Practice notes here:

During the COVID-19 pandemic MARAM Practice Notes are being released to provide key sectors with targeted advice and guidance on responding to increased family violence risk. COVID-19 specific practice guidance has also been developed. See links above for the Practice Guidance and Practice Notes currently available.  These are ‘live’ documents and will be updated as changes occur during the COVID-19 period.

  1. MARAM alignment and Covid-19
    1. Minimum response for Victim Survivors
    1. Perpetrator focus
    1. Adolescent Family Violence
    1. Family Violence Support

Practice note for Generalist Workers

Key COVID-19 Information and Resources

Useful links and Resources

Safe & Together Institute

Groundbreaking Family and Friends Ally Guide which was created out of the direct experiences of survivors of domestic violence, coercive control and child abuse. It outlines what survivors wish their friends and family had known or done to assist them to safety and healing. It’s also useful for practitioners who are working with families.

Resource for clients

guide to living with worry and anxiety

COVID-19 Explanation for Children

Resource for children

COVID-19 communication material specifically for Aboriginal communities