Connect with Family Violence workers in your area

Here are a number of partnerships and network groups in the Southern Metropolitan Region

  1. Southern Metropolitan Region Integrated Family Violence Executive Committee (SMRIFV Executive)
  2. Bayside Peninsula Integrated Family Violence Partnership ( BPIFV Partnership)
  3. Southern Melbourne Integrated Family Violence Partnership (SMIFV Partnership)
  4. Indigenous Family Violence Regional Action Group ( IFVRAG)
  5. Family Violence Networks and Working Groups

Network and Working Groups

  1. Bayside Family Violence Network
    This network is a group of workers from specialist family violence services and other universal services who come together to share information, resources and professional development.
    Contact: Rosemary Burrell –
  2. Critical Linkages Meeting Networking Family Violence
    The Southern Melbourne Integrated Family Violence Partnership convenes the Critical Linkages Meeting on a bimonthly basis. This meeting is for direct services practitioners, in accredited Government funded and community agencies and students on placement who wish to learn more about family violence issues and build networks with other professionals. Private practitioners who are accredited by their professional bodies are welcome to attend but there is an expectation that the private practitioners will not advertise their private practice. Contact Linda Watson on 9791 6111 or lindaw @ wayssltd. org. au (spaces added deliberately to minimise robot email harvesting).
  3. Frankston-Mornington Peninsula Family Violence Network
    Group of organisations that meet to share information, resources and work collaboratively on projects to eliminate family violence. Contact: Rachel Masters Frankston City Council
  4. Southern Melbourne Primary Care Partnership – Family Violence Working Group
    This working group, auspiced by the Southern Melbourne Primary Care Partnership, is for member’s of the Primary Care partnership. The focus of the work is primarily in prevention of family violence. Contact: Cher Twe
  5. Prevention of Violence Against Women Steering Committee
    If you would like more information about ‘Prevention of Violence against Women and their Children in the Southern Metropolitan Region’ Strategy please contact  Women’s Health in the South East on 9794 8677.