´╗┐Research Participation Opportunity: Financial Abuse

Research Participation Opportunity: Financial Abuse 
Little is known about the scale, nature and impact of economic abuse in Australia, and in turn, the empirical evidence base is limited. Madeleine Ulbrick, a PhD researcher at Monash University, is conducting a research project on loan guarantees, lending and financial abuse. The project aims to provide to ASIC a summary of existing knowledge about financial abuse of and undue influence exerted over family or friends by borrowers, in situations where the borrower is seeking that they give a guarantee or act as a joint borrower to a loan.

The researchers are keen to speak to family violence sector professionals to discuss your expertise on the topic of loan guarantees, lending and financial abuse. If you or someone else in your organisation are willing to chat with us, please contact Madeleine on [email protected] or 0402 530 264. More information available here.